I HAVE BEEN assured that eventually I won't be as immunosuppressed and I'll stop getting sick so easily, but in the meantime I have to find way to help get rid of colds FAST. Because I can't fucking stand being Sniffly Susan in the corner at the party, which you can read about in my last post.

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Luckily for me, before all of this happened, I was extremely into reading about wellness constantly and am well-versed when it comes to this natural remedies. I've had to modify certain things that I used to do like not using raw honey and checking with my nutritionist that I'm allowed Apple Cider Vinegar (I wasn't at first), but I haven't changed much in my routine. Which is lucky because I would for sure be having a tantrum tantamount to defcon 5 if I couldn't do this in order to get better. But not everyone, transplant recipient or otherwise, has my obsession so I thought I would share with you what I've been doing for years. Herewith, my recipe for the Ultimate Cold Kicker. 

I make a tonic using fresh ginger, washed, peeled and chopped up into chunks, which gets really spicy so you have to do it to your personal taste. I would use about a finger or so for each batch, about 1-2 inches for a pot. The cool thing about using the fresh ginger is that you can actually just keep using it for a few batches and it still tastes great and does the trick. Dried ginger is alright too, but fresh is more effective (anything worth anything is a hassle, so I leave it up to you). I add the Apple Cider Vinegar in at the end, I do a tablespoon for about an 8oz cup of tea. If you don't like the taste, you can do less but I've really become accustomed to it and into it, so with time you might too. Also make sure the honey you use doesn't have any added sugar because sugar feeds a cold. See recipe below.

Ultimate Mother%*$&ing Cold Kicker

3 cups water

1-2 in fresh ginger, peeled and chopped

Juice of 1 lemon 

1 tsp ground turmeric 

1 tsp ground cinnamon

1tbs Apple Cider Vinegar

Herbal Tea Bag (optional) such as peppermint, tulsi, ginger, chamomile etc.

Let simmer for 20 mins on a low heat in a saucepan. Pour in cup, add honey to taste and 1tbs Apple Cider Vinegar. I let it sit there on the stove for hours on end, but to start you can just do 20 mins. I sometimes add a teabag in too but it depends on how you feel. Right now I'm having a Chamomile Lavender tea with lemon juice, honey and ACV because I was too lazy to do the ginger thing today. You can mix and match. It's not an exact science and it's fun to experiment. 

I also use the below nasal rinse with my Neti Pot to clear out my nasal cavity so I can breathe. It's fancy as fuck with the pricetag to match it, but I find it more effective than normal saline rinse. Both are great but this is my preference. I've had a bag since last December, and you only need a 1/4 tsp for one use so when you run out all depends on how much you use it. 

I got this at Thompson Street Chemist but you can also get it online here.

I hope none of you ever have a cold ever again but that seems unrealistic so in the meantime use these tricks to get you over it quicktime. 

This is what recovery looks like. It's bullshit.

This is what recovery looks like. It's bullshit.